Benefits of a Jade Microfiber Yoga Towel

Microfiber yoga towels are great, no matter what color. They stick to your yoga mat better and slip […]

Microfiber yoga towels are great, no matter what color. They stick to your yoga mat better and slip less than other hot yoga towels. This allows you to be more stable and confident while practicing rather than worrying about your towel slipping off the mat. Microfiber is softer on your skin and is not itchy like other materials can be on your skin. They are also super absorbent, so you won’t be skidding around in your own sweat, especially if you are an out-of-shape beginner. Take heart and don’t get discouraged, that will decrease as you keep at it and improve.

While you practice yoga on your jade microfiber yoga towel, your muscle tone will improve and your fitness will increase. You will be able to move on and progress to more advanced techniques and get into even better physical shape as time goes on. Practice will be easier on a slip free foundation provided by your microfiber hot towel. You can concentrate on perfecting your postures and stances and not worry about your stability or your control. Other yoga accessories include mats, bolsters, meditation cushions, cinch straps, rugs and foam blocks. You have a wide variety to choose from as you slowly begin to built up your home equipment for practicing yoga. You will find you make steady progress as you strengthen your core, lose weight and improve balance.

Having a high quality yoga towel can save you money in more ways than one. You can prolong the life of your own personal yoga mat by using the mats at the studio and putting down your towel to stay dry and hygienic. Your towel, used at home will also save you having to purchase a mat more often. You will also save time and hassle with a great towel because you will not have to roll up both the towel and your mat. You will not have to lug both either, lightening the load you need to carry back and forth. This towel measures 26.5″ by 72″. so it will more than cover the standard sized mat at any studio you choose to frequent.

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